My Schedule



Mondays 6:30-7:30pm FREE Community Yoga Somerville Central Library (Begins in November)

Wednesdays          7:45-9:00pm Unwind (Yin) Yoga          Bow Street Yoga     

**I teach monthly Lunar Movement Exploration workshops on one Sunday each month at Bow Street Yoga. This is to honor either the New or Full Moon time and do a check in with ourselves in the current lunar cycle.

**Stay tuned on Instagram for notifications of other special classes, when I might sub a class, or host an event.

 **I do offer private sessions as requested and as my schedule allows. 



What people are saying about my classes+retreats

“I had the absolute pleasure of attending Jenn's Yoga Retreat in the Azores. It was everything I was hoping for in a Retreat ( and this was my first) - practicing every morning with Jenn’s gentle guidance, authenticity, broad knowledge base and adaptable style, set the tone for everything from excursions to meals to group sharing and a sense of peace and joy. Jenn has a unique way of cultivating creative, supportive,and informative classes that she matches to the mood and vibe of the place. Her joy is contagious and her generous nature ensures that you feel comfortable, inspired and connected. I loved the many added personalized readings, gifts and group activities she provided. Jenn is a very well respected teacher, author, beautiful person and someone I would travel and practice anywhere on the planet!”

“Jenn’s yoga retreats are so wonderful I’ve attended three of them! I have high expectations and standards and Jenn has met and exceeded them every time. The exquisite gift of her sensitivity allows her to focus and tend to the individuals on her retreats in a way that facilitates huge but gentle change. I can say Jenn’s retreat on Nantucket was responsible for my being able to move from living in my head to living from my heart. Which is something I really needed and is a gift that has continued to give for years. My life improved exponentially because of these changes. And I haven’t even gotten to what an amazing yoga teacher Jenn is, which is how I met her in the first place! Jenn’s practice with the moon cycles is absolutely luscious, magical, insightful and not to be missed. I have been to many yoga classes, from private instruction to group classes to retreats, and have been practicing yoga for twenty-five years and Jenn’s classes have spoiled me so much! She has such a unique way of teaching while still being accessible — because, as I said above, she is intuitive about what her students need and teaches based on that, too. I have also been on other retreats, including ones that cost way more than Jenn’s, yet the attention and care Jenn brings to her retreats so that the attendees feel nourished and nurtured is unparalleled.”
-J. S.

Jenn’s classes help me become who I want to be: a more relaxed, centered, and compassionate person. She carries a light within her and spreads it to everyone around her, her positivity is contagious. I always leave her classes smiling, feeling re-energized and ready to confront my daily battles. Jenn’s classes are a perfect balance between a mindful workout, where I gain awareness of my body’s state and alignment, and also a safe space for me to breathe and release any stress or negativity.

Everyone who has Jenn as a teacher agrees, she is one of a kind. You can tell that she deeply cares about her students, and makes her classes as enjoyable as possible, from the thoughtfully selected music playlists to the inspiring and thought-provoking texts or insights shared.

We love you Jenn, keep spreading the love and light.
— Sonia
I’ve been taking Jenn’s class a long time and what I love is that she always keeps it fresh. It’s never the same and I don’t get bored. Plus it’s full of kindness and compassion.
— Clare
Jenn has such a wonderful Presence. When I’m in her classes, I always feel more gratitude and ease.
— Olympia
Jenn is a wonderful yoga teacher who blends anatomical expertise and interesting sequences with the natural ebb and flow of moon phases in a way that is very accessible and gentle.
— Sophie
Jenn is one of my very favorite yoga teachers and I’ve been taking classes with her for about 4 years. Her classes are challenging yet flexible. She encourages adaptations if you can’t do something, and she does not judge. Her adjustments are gentle and suggestive rather than rigid. If you are looking for a type-A class, you might prefer a different style of teaching, but if you are looking to grow gently in your practice with lots of encouragement, Jenn is your teacher. I am 70 and cautious about certain postures but I always feel comfortable in Jenn’s classes.
— Estelle